Rules & Regulations

  1. All the pupils will attend the classes regularly and punctually. Pupils reporting late will not be permitted to enter the class without prior permission of the Principal.
  2. No Pupil will be allowed to leave the school campus strictly between 3.10p.m.
  3. Every pupil will bring his/her school diary along with books daily. The pupils must take down the home-work allotted for the day in the Academic Planner or any other notice given by teacher.
  4. Pupils must keep the classrooms and school premises absolutely clean. They will not cause any damage to school property. If any case is reported to the Class Teacher, concerned pupil will be liable for punishment and would be asked to make good for the damage.
  5. Co-operation of parents / guardians will be highly appreciated in the interest of the pupils education. Parents are requested to ensure that their ward attend the school regularly and punctually and also ensure personal cleanliness.
  6. Students must come in clean, well ironed proper uniform, polished shoes and short military hair cut.
  7. Parents are advised to look into the diary every day and ensure that the home-work is done regularly. They will also sign the remarks, notice recorded by the teacher.
  8. Guardians should promptly inform the school in writing about the absence of pupils due to illness and particularly in case of any infectious disease.
  9. Parents are requested to take their children particularly of Pre-Primary and Primary classes on time. The school will not be responsible for the pupils not collected on time.
  10. The School will not be responsible for the loss of any personal belonging. Each child must look after his own items.
  11. After each Unit Test / Terminal Examination, parents will be invited to meet the teacher and discuss their child’s progress. The date & time of the meeting will be intimated during the term. Incase parents fail to collect the report-card their children will not be permitted to enter the class on the following day.
  12. The school takes utmost care of the pupil. Incase of any accidental event during excursion, festival celebration, or either in the campus, the school will not be held responsible under any circumstances.